Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant is designed to enable educational facilities and organisations that handle large quantities of testing or surveys to improve their efficiency.

It not only prints multiple-choice test papers and surveys, it goes on to mark and analyse the test results and provides various summaries and detailed reports for the teacher to refer to. Including informing the teacher of the questions most commonly answered correctly or incorrectly and individual and median scores.

Teaching Assistant can also be used to create a multiple choice test with essay questions, marking the multiple choice answers via the MFP and allowing the teacher to mark the essay questions within an Excel plug-in and regenerate overall marks and reports.


  • Increases productivity – quick marking of multiple-choice tests
  • Improves marking accuracy – virtually eliminating human error
  • Reduces IT burden – no need for server software to install or PCs to connect
  • Saves valuable time – teachers can concentrate on teaching and lesson plan development