KYOCERA PostNow provides a simple method for users to be able to create a PPI label with an option to add a recipient address at the same time at the Multifunctional Printer (MFP).  PostNow also provides companies with the ability to integrate postcode lookups as part of the addressing process.

KYOCERA PostNow integrates with Royal Mail PPIs to provide users a quick and easy method of printing postage labels. Through integrating with user authentication solutions such as KYOCERA Net Manager, access to the application can be controlled and printed tracked to an

  • Print from the Device: print your labels directly from the MFP without the need for users to log into a PC.
  • User-friendly: step-by-step screens make it easy for users to produce labels with minimal training needed.
  • Security: access can be restricted, only those users authorised can produce PPI labels. When used in conjunction with KYOCERA Net Manager.
  • Serverless Installation: KYOCERA PostNow doesn’t require a server to run, making it an easy to install application.